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Boots, Shoes and Hats

Let Him Ask of God –  SOLD

Footsteps of Faith – SOLD

The shoes were worn thin, patched and tattered from a walked journey of more than 1,300 miles. Sometimes it seemed there was no end to the dust that stung her eyes, the bone chilling cold or the challenging mountain peaks she recorded in her journal.

Then on the horizon, her first glimpse of sagebrush, Sego Lily and the salt flat desert of the Great Salt Lake Valley. Tears streamed down her bronzed and weathered face. A trek of more than three months and millions of footsteps from the Mississippi River neared an end. With a tattered quilt and singing her favorite hymn, “All is Well, All is Well,” she penned her final entry, then moved forward into the promised valley.

Who was this courageous pioneer woman?

Mule Kick – SOLD

"Mule Kick" by Darwin Dower

End of the Day in Heber – SOLD

End of the Day in Heber


Saturday Night Social – AVAILABLE

Times on the frontier were hard with little chance of entertainment or an occasion to dress in ones finest. However, every ladies dream was of the occasional weekend barn dance or church social. (Dancing on the Sabbath was strictly forbidden.)

They would spend hours “primping.” Styling their hair in the latest braid or “bob” style with their best hairpins. Their finest dress, a strand of pearls and a lace handkerchief were added, then their seldom worn dancing shoes.

These shoes were always kept shined and ready for such an occasion. They were of soft leather, narrow in width and calf high.

Many romances began at these socials, as young ladies and gentlemen came of age to marry. Also, what husband would dare ‘not’ escort his Misses to such a function?

See Sculptures Available For Sale.

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