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“There are places where ranchers still work the land.  They raise & herd cattle, mend fences and doctor sick animals; but their way of life is fading across the west.

Early in the morning, a ranchers’ day begins. So much to do and so little time. The work just never ends…spring, summer, fall, holidays and weekends are all the same.

But a rancher wouldn’t change his life for anything else.  Ranching is tough, muddy, dirty and dusty!  The crazy part is he enjoys it.  The jingle of spurs is music to his ears.  It’s hard to find good and long-term help,  His staff may only consist of  a good horse, his saddle, a firearm, and a loyal cow dog, to look over a herd of 300 mama cows, 400 yearling calf’s and a few rowdy bulls thrown in for good measure. There is one thing true with all ranchers….He takes pride in his dog.  No matter the breed, these furry assets help the rancher from sun up to sundown, and are always ready for tomorrow.  While they are an invaluable tool, they are also a rancher’s partner and often his best friend.  In short, they are TRAIL BUDDIES.”

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