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Darwin’s Art Photography Tips

Basic rules of Art Photography- Photographing your art or products It is pretty exciting, your work can now be seen instantly by millions of people, all around the world with a few simple mouse clicks.

Sculpting a Charro Saddle

Many first generation Anglo Cowboys had missing thumbs. Often they were unable to rope their steer, wind the rope around the saddle horn and then remove their hand before the animal pulled tight. Consequently they lost their thumb. Mexican horsemen didn’t have this problem with the saddle of the Charro. It has a wide horn […]

Darwin’s Wooden Wagon Sculptures

Darwin produces miniature wooden wagon sculptures that are exact replica’s of the originals. He carves every detail into these miniature works or art to exact scale. Even if there is a spring coming out of the torn seat, it is in the sculpture. The sculpture to the left is titled Resting in Redrock. Another one […]

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