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Darwin Dower with a Wooden Saddle SculptureDarwin Dower is truly a unique combination of a master wood sculptor and story teller.  With his hands, he brings to life memories of past times specializing in subjects of the old west.  Stories are then drawn from his sculptures reflecting on a more simple and relaxed time in rural America.

His style of realism has evolved over nearly 30 years of wood sculpting, and are rapidly gaining in popularity.

His artwork graces numerous  homes and businesses across the west.

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Darwin was born and raised in Utah. Most of his youth was spent working on the family farms. This gave him an appreciation of the struggles of the early western pioneers. He has an extreme love for his ancestors who paved the way for the comforts we now enjoy.

Darwin has been involved in some form of art all of his life. Early on he become accomplished in oil painting, Silver Smithing and jewelry making. These disciplines paved the way for his artistic expression, but his real passion began in wood sculpturing. It is through this medium that he has become a true artist and story teller.

Today, he is best known for his accuracy in capturing these memories in unbelievable detail

He spends hours researching and sketching to make sure each piece is authentic, but his real gift is in telling a story about the subject. Each piece beckons us back to an earlier time, leaving clues about how it might have been.

His sculptures tell of adventures captured in time. All are one-of-a-kind originals. While he may use the same subject, no two are alike. The detail and finishes are so exact that the viewer often thinks they are seeing real leather or metal. Every piece, however, is sculpted entirely in wood, and then finished in oils. Learn more about the process.

Darwin is a Master Wood Sculptor who creates tangible memories of the past. His ability to tell a story through incredible detail and carving artistry makes his work a collector’s dream.

He says, “The challenge of wood sculpturing is to find the story within.”

Although he grew-up on the farm, he now lives and works in St. George, Utah. He has received numerous awards, including first place and the “People’s Choice” at the Kimball Art Museum in Park City, Utah, “Best of Show” at the Utah State Fair, Fine Arts Division in which he competed against sculptures including bronze. He also won “Judges Choice” and “Grand Champion.”

His art graces the homes of collectors across the west.

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