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Are there really specific habits of Successful Artists (final blog in series)

Do you realize that you can set your own standards of success?  Wow!  Whar a revelation!  YOU decide what success is for you.

Someone once said “Don’t wait for your ship to come in….swim out to meet it.”  If you want to believe what someone else tells you success is, then you are losing  much of the ability find it.  You won’t be able to create the passion to succeed if you use someone else’s idea of your goals.  Passion creates great power within each of us and is needed to succed.  You have to believe in your work.  If you don’t, why should anyone else?    Start by calling yourself an artist!  When someone asks what you do for a living, your reply should be “I’m an artist.”  Be excited about what you do!

Here’s how one artist shows excitment for her work:  “So, what is the defination of artistic success?  Mine is that delicious opportunity that thrills me when I see it,  Public recognition is nice, but it don’t mean a thing if my legs don’t go weak when I see what I’ve done.”

You have to believe in your work.  Be your own worst critic, and don’t expose it to the public, until you are absolutely satisfied that it is your best effort.

Alyson Stansfield, Art Biz. Coach, puts it this way “Until you produce art that you believe in without question – art that you know is your best effort- art that you’re proud of – art that you can’t wait to share with people, you are going to have a hard time selling it to collectors or galleries.  You might be able to make a little money from your art, but you’ll not be able to earn a living from it.”    Nobody’s responsible for your success or lack thereof, EXCEPT YOU!   Alyson goes on to say “Of course there will be bumps along the road.  Get a good set of shocks and ride out the potholes.   I love Alysons advice. I use it often, and will frequently pass it on to others.

Numerous people fail to live the life they have always wished to live.  They fail to realize their ambitions and give up on their big dreams as soon as they encounter the first obstacle.  One of the main causes for this attitude is they don’t believe in themselves.  People start to doubt their abilities and give up.  The few who continue along their artistic path are the ones who succeed

You have the power to succeed or fail.  Whether you think you can or your can’t….either way, you’re right.  If you believe you can’t achieve something, you probably won’t.  Train yourself to believe you can, and you will!

  • Never believe it is impossible to accomplish
  • Never let problems stop you
  • Never think that just because you don’t know how to do something – you can’t.
  • Never let the fear of failing stop you

Nothing I’ve said in this blog series, will be useful, unless you put producing your art first.  Again, quoting Alyson Stanfield  “Without your art, you have nothing to promote…you have nothing to show the world.  Your art is your voice.  It’s how you communicate with the world.  Don’t lose sight of that!  If you’re checking e-mail to often or socializing just a tad to much on line, remember why you do what you do.  Say to yourself  I’M AN ARTIST…I MAKE ART, then go do it.”

Believing in yourself is the 1st step to success.  Hold your head up, because you have every right to.  BELIEVE.  Believe in your art.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your goals.   Create your own success – then go out and enjoy it!

end of series….class dismissed                                                                                                    

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