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Are there specific habits of Successful Artists (fourth in series)

We must remember the business ethics and skills of our great grandparents generation.  A heart-felt thank you isn’t old fashioned!


Your relationship with a collector doesn’t end when the work is purchased.  It just begins.  Saying Thank you is a small, easy and inexpensive way to increase or guarantee future success.  But its impact is anything but small.  It goes a long way toward forging a relationship that can turn into future opportunity.

Get into the habit of writing “Thank-you” notes.  That’s right…writing them!  Why?  It sets you apart from e-mail.  The meer fact that you took the time to write it shows your sincerity.  Send them to collectors, suppliers, other artists who take time to mentor you; museums, gallery owners and show promoters who show your work.   A recent poll points out that nearly 50% of artists forget to show proper appreciation to people who help them; be it collectors or mentors.

People will remember a thank you note and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Notes don’t have to be long – 2-3 sentences will do.  Very few people cherish an e-mail

Out class other artists….saying thank you is a competitive advantage.  Take the time to do it.  A small gift or something you’ve made is even better.

Until next post…..Meet more people.  People who will buy your art.  People who can help advance your career.  People who inspire you.                                     

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