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Are there really specific habits of successful artists?

Recently I was asked if I thought there were specific habits that helped aspiring artists become successful.  Several other questions followed…What do I need to do?  What resources are available?  Where can I get the help?  Who can guide me?  Do I need a business plan?  

Please know that I am in no way an authority, as I along with several other artists continue to struggle with many obstacles.  With this in mind, I will humbly approach this opportunity to share with you what I have learned over the past 30 years in a series of posts.  The theme of each post will focus on 2-3 elements of success.  If you incorporate these habits into your life, you will see positive results. Here’s todays

Follow Your Dreams    We all have dreams and great ideas, but all successful artists have one similiar habit or trait.  They have an idea what they want to accomplish, then they get off the couch to make it happen. They take the necessary risks that may include possible failure.  Successful artists make sacrifices in starting and growing their business, including time, some relationships and other opportunities.  They are persistent, and never give up.  They never stop trying, and somehow overcome every obstacle.

Set and Review Your Goals     A successful artist makes achievable goals, both short term and long term.   Write them down!  You will no doubt experience road blocks, but how you overcome them will help determine your success. Remember to review them often.  When you’re having a tough time, they will help you move forward.   Don’t quit when you experience adversity.  Successful people use adversity as a chance to learn and grow.  Persistence is the difference between success and one who quits.  Know what you want, then visualize succeeding at your goals.

Maximize Your Opportunities  It’s up to YOU to create opportunities and expose your work to the public.  Be aware of all opportunities to show your work.  Always keep in mind that exposure of you the artist, and your work translates into success as an artist.  Name recognition is essential for an artist.




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