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Each November, we take time out of our busy lives to be thankful

Each November, we take time out of our busy lives to be thankful.  Maybe it’s time this year to think less about the feast, and focus more on espressing gratitude to those who have helped us with our artistic endeavors.   

The list of those who have and continue to help me is numerous.  In fact, to thank each one individually would be impossible in this blog.  There are however a few that I do wish to single out.

  • First and formost, I wish to thank my maker for blessing me with the talents and desire to become an artist
  • I give thanks for the Company that employeed me for 40 years, allowing me to retire with enough financial means to follow my artistic dream.
  • Most importantly, I wish to thank my Solemate; my Sweetheart ; my Wife of nearly 47 years,  Beth has supported me 100% throughout the journey.  She has encourage me, pushed me, held my hand and gave me a shoulder to cry on when it was needed.  I love you and appreciate you more than mere words can express.
  • My Sons Jeffery, Jared and Brian; and their wives have been a great source of support.  They are always excited to see what new piece Dad is working on, and telling me not to undervalue its worth
  • Two dear friends who are no longer with us – Nathan King and Mark Nelson.  These two gentlemen gave me more love and encouragement than I thought humanly possible.  Ned taught me the art of silver-smithing and several lessons of life.  Many I use daily in my personal life and in my artwork. He was like a father to me.   Mark initally piqued my interest in woodcarving.  He was a true friend and a real gentleman.
  • My sincere thanks to one of my best friends Keith Hone.  Keith and I met in the early 1980’s, and our friendship has continued to grow.  He, more than anyone has helped me develop my skill level, by sharing his knowledge and techniques.  .  He is always excited to see each new project I’ve completed, and freely shares his critique in such a way that I stive to improve.  He also introduced me to the high speed detal drill and other tools that I use today.  THANKS KEITH, YOU’RE TRULY MY HERO!
  • Thanks to Dr. Lew and Tammy Littlefield from Paragrave/Profitable Hobbies.  Dr. Lew decided to live his dream, and through his imagination along with trial and error, designed and markets the high-speed drill that has allowed me to add detail to my sculptures that was previously impossible.  He has been, and continues to be a promoter for me and others.  He has done more than his share in teaching us to become business people and to enjoy what we are doing.  Tammy is the ultimate “Cheer-leader”  She goes overboard in letting us know that what we are doing has value.  She encourages us and promotes us every chance she gets, and she keeps the business running.
  • To those very accomplished artists who I so admire, for your willingness to critique my work and help me improve.  Grant Speed (who recently passed away) Craig Hone, Jeff Wolf and Jerry Anderson.  Each have been willing to take their time to help me improve.   I’d never be as far along in the journey with out your help.
  • To Russ Larsen, who designed and maintains my website.  Your hard work has given me the ability to show my work to millions in a professional manner.
  • I am thankful for Jane who owns and operates the Authentique and Mission galleries.  Jane works very hard, and has done a great job in promoting me to her clients.   Through her efforts several pieces of my work are in homes throughout the west.
  • I am extremely grateful to the people who have honored me by collecting my work.  Not only do you make it financially possile for me to continue, you give me that emotional lift that every artist needs.
  • There are several artists who through their skill levels, force me to continue to improve and push my abilitie to a higher level.  As they produce masterpieces, it makes me want to do the same.  Craig and Al Hone, Jose Valencia, Marilyn Sunderland,  Jeff Wolf and Jerry Anderson are a few of many names who could be mentioned.
  • To the people, who may not have bought, but have attended artshows that I have participated in.  You couldn’t possibly know the “high” I get of your kind comments.  Many of you have told your friends and neighbors about me, and they also encourage me.
  • Lastly, to those thousands of brave men and women who risk their lives to serve in uniform.  You keep this country and our cities safe & free.  Because of you, I and others are able  to follow our dreams.

There are many others who have helped along the way, but to each these special people in my life who continue to help me live my dream.  MY SINCERE THANKS!   

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