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"Resting in Redrock" - Custom Wooden Buggy Sculpture by Darwin Dower“His unique ability to add incredible detail to carving makes him a truly rare type of Wood Carver.”

“Each piece is sculpted entirely in wood, then meticulously painted using artists oils.”



What others are saying…

“I know your talents will be an inspiration to all of our readers.” -Wood Carving Illustrated Magazine Editor, Shannon Flowers.

“His works are carved entirely from wood. His ability to capture an image in absolute detail is astounding. For example, if he carves an old saddle, it will not only look like leather, but will also show the worn, cracked areas as well. Darwin’s western themes tell a story of early frontier life and the struggles that went with it.” – Publishers Place Spokesperson

“His level of skill is magical and a little mysterious. I am well acquainted with most of the world’s finest living wood sculptors, and none touch the sentiment or jog the memories of a patron in their artworks like Darwin. Each of his single edition expressions is extraordinarily unique, and I have seen them literally draw tears from collectors. Only the greatest of artwork can do that.” – Dr. Lewis R. Jensen, founder of the Inspiration & Encouragement Network

Publications of Darwin’s Wood Sculptures

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