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Darwin Dower Original Wood Sculptures For Sale

The Sculptures listed below are available for sale.  Every one of them is a one-of-a-kind original by Darwin Dower.
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East of Zion” – Available For Sale

East of Zion Wood Carving by Darwin Dower

In the mid 1800’s, thousands of people traveled across the United States to the West.  Some were searching for gold, others wanted to practice their religion freely.  Still others hoped to own land and make a better life for their families.

Their journey by wagon was long and hard, and many did not survive.  Those who did, were ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

The “Touring Spring Wagon” was an important vehicle in the late horse drawn era, and an American favorite.  Built with two seats, its practically made it popular both in rural areas as well as in cities and towns.   It served as a business or family wagon.

Each of these wagons came with the option of a pole or shaves.  The pole being used for a two-horse pull, and the shaves for a single horse.  The canvas top gave the riders shelter from the elements, and the sides could be rolled up to allow air to pass through more freely.

Today, only fond memories remain of this once popular buckboard wagon, “East of Zion”

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“Restoration” – A Divine Calling – Available For Sale.

"Restoration, a divine calling"

The Lord restored his kingdom to the earth by providing Joseph Smith with a succession of visions, visitations and revelations.  On September 22, 1823, an angel named Moroni was sent to the Prophet in in fulfillment of a prophecy uttered two-thousand years earlier by Jon the Revelator.  The angel informed Joseph of an ancient record preserved by God’s covenant people who lived in the Americas.  Joseph was given the assignment to translate this record-called The  Book of Mormon-and then utilize it’s contents in the formal organization of the Church of Jesus Christ in April 1830.

Apostle Parley P. Pratt gives this account detailing how the revelations in the Book of Commandments (later the Doctrine and Covenants) were received and recorded:  “After we had joined in prayer in the translating room, he dictated in our presence a revelation.  Each sentence was uttered slowly and very distinctly, and with a pause between each, sufficiently long for it to be recorded, by an ordinary writer, in longhand… he dictated them, so they stood.”

“Mother Hubbard – A Texas Icon”Saddle Wood Sculpture - Mother Hubbard

“One-of-a-kind Western Art for the discriminating collector”

The Western saddle has had a long and interesting history. Playing a huge part of this history is the “Mother Hubbard” saddle of the 1860’s.

The Texas cowboy was the first to introduce this saddle, and by 1866, they earned their wages and saw the world from its seat, as it had become the preferred saddle for the long cattle drives. The fork and tree were covered with leather and the large Mochilla was fastened permanently. Stirrup fenders were first introduced with this saddle, to protect the riders’ legs from the sweat and friction of the horses body. It had squared corners with no skirts underneath the stirrup leathers. The stirrups were made of steamed bent and hand carved wood.

The saddle was heavy and rugged, and could be securely placed on the horse.

Although it’s popularity was somewhat short-lived (only 10-15 years), it was probably the forerunner of many of the saddles in use today.

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“Saturday Night Social”

Times on the frontier were hard with little chance of entertainment or an occasion to dress in ones finest. However, every ladies dream was of the occasional weekend barn dance or church social. (Dancing on the Sabbath was strictly forbidden.)

They would spend hours “primping.” Styling their hair in the latest braid or “bob” style with their best hairpins. Their finest dress, a strand of pearls and a lace handkerchief were added, then their seldom worn dancing shoes.

These shoes were always kept shined and ready for such an occasion. They were of soft leather, narrow in width and calf high.

Many romances began at these socials, as young ladies and gentlemen came of age to marry. Also, what husband would dare ‘not’ escort his Misses to such a function?

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