Afraid to take time off once in a while?

As an artist, are you afraid to take time off once in a while?

I’ve been pretty busy over the past 6 months, with one art project after another.

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  1. Excellent work!!! GREAT suggestions! I fully understand what you are saying. I stopped by your studio in St. George about two weeks ago and missed seeing you, however, I did get to see the saddle you had engraved and thought how well you had done. I thoroughly enjoy your work and all that you do! Keep up your great work and excellent suggestions. Best wishes, Don Tate (Draper UT)

  2. Darwin,
    As always, I enjoy reading your blogs. They are always well done and very informative. Would you please put me on your list to be notified each time that you create a new blog. You have always been very friendly and helpful when I have called and asked advise or questions, and for that I say thank you, again. Keep up the great work. You inspire us all!
    Happy carving,
    Your friend,
    Steve B

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