Art Shows & how to make them successful


Art Shows & how to make them successful

If they don’t like you personally, or you don’t show interest in them, they won’t buy your artwork.

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  1. Good day Darwin ,
    I totaly enjoy reading your post and how to do or not to do things .
    You are on master I look up to .
    Thank you for your insiration

  2. Darwin,
    Excellent points all. I also advocate personally introducing yourself at the beginning of a conversation and if they reciprocate, attempting-at least 2 to 4 times during the conversation in using their name in the discussion (asking a question, making a point). It shows interest when you take the time to remember their name. And then, hopefully when they come back to see you again, (even if they haven’t purchased yet) you should have a good point of contact and remember their name, they will be impressed… (Gosh, that artist remembered me, and we only talked for a little while!)

    A sales trick tool addendum: be sure when you are saying their name, that you make eye contact. It will help you remember them better, and will impress them all the more at your directness.

    Best regards,

  3. Great advice. I enlarged your pictures to get a bettter look at things. I’m curious as to the size of your banner that is raised on the outside of your canopy.

    It looks to be about 24×48 or maybe 24×72. Would you mind sharing the size and how you had this made? This looks like it would be a good draw for people walking around.

    I’m also interested in the PVC weights you picture. It appears these are painted a neutral color to go more with your display. Are they 3″ or 4′ pipes?

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