Dealing with Artist Block

Dealing with Artist Block

Have you ever woke up wanting, needing to create?

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  1. Darwin,

    Thanks for this blog. It hits home for me right now and I will try a few of your ideas. Since I am just starting in the business of carving(I have been practicing and carving for myself for almost 2 years)and have very few jobs so far, I find it boring to do the same things for practice all the time. New carving and engraving ideas are needed and the point you’ve brought up here may be the key for me….I guess we’ll will find out.

    I also have to say that I have been reading you blogs for a little while now and I really enjoy your writing style. To me it reads just like we was having a conversation face to face

    Have A Great Day !

    Lance Larson

    L. Larson Studio
    Casa Grande, AZ

  2. Darwin – both my brother, Ron and I, thoroughly enoyed reading and reviewing your comments that you provided. GREAT insight! Both of us are professional engravers and calligraphers and have discussed this many times and we fully agreed with what you said. We would really like to meet you someday as we are located in northern Utah and sometimes get to St. George. By the way, we used to live there at students at Dixie from 1961-63 and thought it was the “perfect school.” We wish you the very best and, again, thanks so much! Don Tate

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