“You Inc.” (Session 3) Press Releases & Getting Published.

In this final session of “You Inc., the Business of Art,” lets talk about press releases and getting published.

For most of us, every little bit of extra publicity is welcome.

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  1. Sue Brasel says:

    I appreciate being reminded of this advice! Thanks!

  2. Greg Childs says:

    Darwin, thanks for all of the great info in this session, I know this can save a lot of time and frustration to a lot of us artist that are trying to get noticed, being new at this business, I really appreciate any and all info that I can get to move me in the right direction, you have obviously done your homework over the years !!! Thanks again, Greg Childs West Valley, Ut,

  3. I have really enjoyed your 3 part series. Even though I am not a fine artist, many of your thoughts and ideas can be used for any “hobby” business. I have saved your articles to reread on a regular basis. I think you find new meaning in good articles every time you reread them.

    Thanks Again,

    Lance Larson
    L. Larson Studio
    Casa Grande, AZ

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