YOU Inc. (Session 2) Marketing

In last week’s session, we discussed the need for a business plan and some very basic marketing ideas.

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  1. Greg Childs says:

    Darwin, thanks so much for this great info, I am sure it will help me in the future as I get good enough to show my work, I do intend on becoming great in the art business and with all of the help that I am receiving from you and the rest of the I and E network folks, I’m sure that it will speed up the learning curve dramatically. I am currently taking classes each week with Jeff Wolf and I am having a blast, he is fantastic and I really appreciate his patience with me. Thanks again for all of the valuable information. Greg Childs West Valley, Ut.

  2. Hello my friend…
    Your blog is coming up wonderfully. As I scanned you posts it occured to me…
    DO YOU REALIZE JUST HOW STRONG YOU ARE BECOMING. Woodey told me that the real money was when you could trade what you have learned how to do. No Question.

    I am so impressed with how far you have come — and how well you have handled your career. I wish everyone could see that the level of attention and persistance that you give your life and living — is what they need the most. What a great reputation you have — and what a bright future.

    Proud of my buddy – Darwin.

    Lew Jensen
    firestarter & conjurer (most the balony maker)

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