Darwin’s Wooden Wagon Sculptures

Resting in RedrockDarwin produces miniature wooden wagon sculptures that are exact replica’s of the originals.

He carves every detail into these miniature works or art to exact scale. Even if there is a spring coming out of the torn seat, it is in the sculpture.

The sculpture to the left is titled Resting in Redrock.

Another one of Darwin’s original wagon sculptures is called, “Sweetwater Crossing”.

The Sweetwater River, with its pleasing waters, welcomed the parched emigrants to central Wyoming. The waters were made all the sweeter by the previous day’s crossing from the Platte across the dusty, alkali plains. But what initially seemed most inviting about the river

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  1. I absolutely admire your work. How did you choose to work with wood in contrast to other types of material such as glass or metal? How much of your work is sold in Utah vs. other parts of the country/world? Thanks so much! Don

  2. Don, Thanks for your gracious comments concerning my wood sculptures. I have worked in some form of art most of my life, but have found the medium of wood to be both challenging and rewarding. There are several outstanding bronze artists, and I proudly own a couple of nice bronzes. However each piece I own, is an edition of many. Therefore I know several people own the exact piece. Each of my sculptures are “1 of a kind.” I neither duplicate nor cast them. I also feel I can capture more detail in wood than I would be able to in clay for a bronze.

    While the majoriy of my artwork is sold in the western United States, My list of art patrons is growing, and I frequently receive inquires from across the country. Thanks again, DD

  3. Darwin thank you for you inspiration !
    I have read and reread your how to photo your pieces I am starting to use some of your suggestions.
    your work is so realistic living out here in Wyoming i have been to the sweetwater crossing and your wagon makes that so much more !
    thank you

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